Control4 Home Security

Control4 Home Security

For complete peace of mind integrate your home security, heating and lighting. You can adjust the settings on your alarm and CCTV and view and control cameras whether you are at home or away. You can also add custom commands to your heating systems to allow complete comfort setup and temperature monitoring when you are away from home. Finally you can integrate lighting, curtains and blinds for complete control over your environment, for every day use or to emulate occupancy.


Turn off that forgotten light in your cupboard — from your iPhone. Dim your living room lights to 45% — from the couch. Turn off all lights in the entire house — from bed. Smart lighting is a bright idea.

We take lighting for granted because it’s so ubiquitous. Most rooms have overhead lights as well as task lighting in specific areas. Almost all houses have exterior lights, some of which are activated by motion controls or light sensors. Just about every room in your house is likely to have multiple lighting options, with several options for dimming. Control it all with Control4.


Automation can help keep your loved ones and valuables safe, whether your home is occupied or “mockupied.”

Your home may be your castle, but it doesn’t have to be an impregnable fortress in order to be secure. It just needs to be smart. With Control4 your house can monitor itself and let you know — whether you’re home or away — if something is awry.


Adjust the temperature from your smart phone and arrive to a warm welcome home. Press a button on your remote and become shaded from the peak heat of the day. That’s what we call comfortable control.

We take climate control for granted, expecting a home to be comfortable no matter what season it is or how bad the weather is outside. But heating and cooling your home can be expensive — especially if your HVAC system is cranking at full blast whether you’re home or not.

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